Getting the answers to the question what is financial aid can be difficult and confusing.  The college financial aid process is one of the most complicated financial decisions families will make in their life time.  To properly pay for college  a person needs to bring together the financial aid process, college savings plans, education tax strategies, and student loans.  Implementing the correct plan to lower the cost of education requires a family to understanding the entire financial aid process.  Combining all of these strategies is the cornerstone of our process and advice.

Too much emphasis is put on the financial aid process with many families hoping it will pay for the majority of the college expense.  Many families overlook or minimize other financial aspects of the college decision.  This website and blog are here to help you get the best information in lowering your cost of education. Having a focus on the outcome of the education needs to be your primary goal.

Understanding how your other financial decisions will impact your financial aid position is critical and needs to be part of your planning.  Creating a plan that goes over multiple years is needed yet most people only plan for one year at a time.  By doing some advanced financial aid planning you may make a better decision and avoid the debt issues that many people are now facing.

The college financial aid overview video will provide information on:

  • Timing of the financial aid process

  • Types of financial aid forms

  • Different types of financial aid

Understanding the different aspects of the college financial aid process is important and can be confusing for families.

Financial Aid Overview