The financial aid timing decision is an important aspect to understanding when applying for college. This presentation reviews the various parts of the financial aid timing that is needed to maximize your financial aid award.  There are numerous parts of the college decision.  The financial aid process has its own calendar and this may vary based on the schools you are considering or college application method.

There are two major financial aid timing issues families will face.  The best time for financial aid positioning is much earlier than you think.  This is because the tax year and school year have a different start and finish date. The other major financial aid timing period is the actual application process.  These deadlines will vary by the colleges you apply to, which methods each school uses, and your method of applying.

Another important issue facing parents is the timing of your tax preparation.  This is especially true for entering freshman.  Your tax information and the timing of updating your FAFSA form will determine the quality of information your get within your award letters.

If not done correctly, this will affect how much financial aid you will receive.  This college decision video will cover:

  • Tax versus School Year
  • Senior year financial aid calendar
  • Importance of a family timeline

Understanding the different aspects of the college financial aid process is important and can be confusing for families.  If you need individual professional college financial aid help, please visit College Affordability Services.  We can help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your tuition dollars.

Financial Aid Timing