The financial aid application process requires a series of financial aid forms be completed in order to qualify for college financial aid.  Applying for financial aid requires both personal and financial information.  This will vary by college based on the financial aid process each school uses.  Every school uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.  Some schools have their own process or use an independent method.  The most common independent method is called the CSS Profile and is controlled by College Board

Knowing the forms that are required for the financial aid process is important but there is confusion regarding what information can be used. Having an understanding of the forms and when to use estimates is critical to getting the forms completed the correct way.

This financial aid video will review:

  • Types of financial aid forms
  • Data required to complete the forms
  • Impact of the IRS within the financial aid process

Applying for financial aid requires the family to submit the proper forms. 

Applying for Financial Aid