A college net price calculator gives families an estimation of their possible financial aid at each college.  It calculates the estimated net price of attendance at a school by taking the cost of attendance and subtracting eligible grants and scholarship aid based on a family’s current financial strength.  The federal government requires each college to have a net price calculator on their website if the school participates in the federal financial aid programs.  The qualities of these calculators vary greatly and the format is different at each school.

EFC PLUS Software helps solve this problem!  The College Cost Analyzer is a college financial planning software that contains a net price calculator.  It is different from the net price calculators found on college websites for several reasons.  The EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer allows families to input their financial information once and then they can compare the cost of multiple colleges on one site.  It saves families time from having to go to each college website.  EFC Plus also will give families a customized budget that includes a four-year net projection of college cost and debt at graduation.

The video on the EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer software includes:

  • Detailed EFC Analysis

  • Academic and Financial Matrix

  • Customized Budget

  • Four-year cash flow

  • Award letter analysis

Take the mystery and stress out of the college selection and financial aid process.   If you need further information after watching this video please visit our products page where there is more detailed information about the features of the EFC PLUS Software.

EFC PLUS College Net Price Calculator