If you have not started a college saving for middle school age children, now is a good time to start since college costs are increasing at an alarming rate.  College funding can be very confusing and at times overwhelming but there are many ways to lower future tuition costs.  The funding strategy should combine both the academic and financial aspects of a college plan. 

Your college funding plan needs to include a timeline for both the parents and the child.  This will help you understand your age with the cost of college and your retirement.  It may also identify some opportunities in the financial aid process.  The next step is to understand your financial aid position by creating your Expected Family Contribution or EFC position.  We have a free EFC Calculator available through this website.  Once you know these answers, you can begin to create the strategies to lower your cost of education.

The college savings for middle school video will explain college saving plans, financial aid position and common errors that some families may make.

The college saving for middle school video will provide the following information:

  • Parents and Children timeline

  • Expected Family Contribution or EFC

  • College saving options

  • Creating an Academic and Financial vision

This is a very complicated process please use the other videos and resources within the EFC PLUS website.  Please call us if you have additional questions.

College Planning for Middle School Children