College Financial Aid myths can lead to is a significant amount of confusion regarding the college financial aid process.  Our clients often come to us to discuss the increased cost of college and often repeat rumors they hear about how to manipulate the system. 

In the past few years, we have become a society of headline readers and in many cases, we overlook the details. To properly plan financially for college you need to understand your details and not listen to any myths.  One of the major goals of this website is to eliminate the myths and provide better information to families in the college decision process.

This video on College Financial Aid Myths addresses some of the popular myths of the financial process and how to pay for college.  Listed below are some of the items discussed:

  • Titling of the children assets
  • How to qualify for more financial aid
  • Ability to negotiate price
  • Timing of form completion

Since this is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent, creating a plan is recommended.  We offer individual college financial aid service that can help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your tuition dollars.  Remember, do you research and don’t get caught up in college financial aid myths.

Financial Aid Myths