What is the price of EFC PLUS In-College Payer and the subscription length?

EFC PLUS In-College Payer software is $59.95 for an annual subscription.

How do I get started using EFC PLUS In-College software?

EFC PLUS software system is easy to use.  Click the link here and purchase it on line.  You will get an email confirming your purchase.  With that email you will get a link to register the software using the email address used to purchase the software.  Sometime the email may be sorted to your SPAM or Promotion email folder depending on your email security settings.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the system?

If you have any questions or problems simply go to support@EFCPLUS.com and type in your question.  Your will receive an email response within 24 hours.

How does EFC PLUS In-Payer software help to keep my loans organized?

The system has an easy import function to gather your federal loan through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).  You private or Parent PLUS loan will need to be entered manually.  Our unique calculator then uses the federal loan limits, college’s historical gifting policy and your cash flow to project the debt at graduation.

How are the other alternative loans inputted into the In-College Payer?

For non-federal loans, there is not a central place to gather that information.  Your initial input will require the user to input their non-student federal information.  Once it is in the system it can be updated periodically depending on your decisions.  The system will combine the incurred debt and the student’s target graduation date to generate a projected debt structure.  This enables the family to see a financial outcome.

Is there any training with EFC PLUS?

There are help videos on each screen throughout the EFC PLUS In College Payer software.  In addition there are timely webinars that help in the decision process.  On the EFCplus.com website is a video library that helps with specific financial aid and student loan questions.

What webinars are included with EFC PLUS?

There are webinars that are included with the EFC PLUS Payer. Click here to get a list of the webinars and speakers.  After you purchase EFC PLUS you will have access to register for webinars located on the sign in page. 

How do I understand more about the 9 repayment methods?

EFC PLUS has descriptions on each of the screens of the In-College Payer, timely webinars, videos and in our video library.  The EFC PLUS blog is a great resource to keep you up to date on possible changes and recent developments.  The Department of Education has specific information about student loan repayment and is a great source for more information.

Will the college net price calculator help me?

A net price calculator is a tool for new and for entering freshman.  The EFC PLUS In College Payer is software that creates a customized outcome based on the student’s academic position.  It is designed to help students and families during the various financial college decisions while in college.  Our focus on the outcome helps families make better and informed decisions.  By having this information, the student can avoid a life of excessive student loan repayment.

How accurate are EFC PLUS financial calculations?

EFC PLUS generates its financial aid estimates based on data obtained from the college’s website, the federal government and our own college data analytics.  The college financial award process is very subjective and is the reason why college’s often do not give four year projections.  The EFC PLUS In College Payer uses the best information possible to project the student’s outcome.  It is a plan and estimate that may change based on many factors.

Is my data safe in EFC PLUS?

College Affordability, the owner of EFC PLUS, does not sell (or share) any personal financial information.  The system does not collect any specific personal identification information such as your full names, full birth dates, social security or full address into the system.  For calculation reasons we do collect month and year of birth, zip code and state residence, grades of the children and your email.

How do I pick which repayment method to choose?

The system will generate all of the federal loan repayment options based on the loan structure.  We display all of the options in easy to understand list so you can see your options.  The added feature of our personal financial analysis helps you find the best option that fits your budget.  The first priority is to stay current on your loan repayments and avoid default.  By easily seeing your options and how it will affect you day to day expenses, you can make a better decision. The best option is not always the lowest payment and is the reason borrowers need to understand the criteria of all the repayment plans.

Is the lowest payment always the best choice?

Staying current on your student loans is the first priority.  The penalties and fees for defaulting are severe.  Due to the various loan repayment options, selecting the best option can be confusing and at time overwhelming.  The EFC PLUS In College Payer helps you through this difficult process.  Most people do not realize that the lowest repayment options may not be fully paying the interest cost of their loans.  This is called negative amortization.  In this situation, the loan balance will be increasing even though you are making monthly payments.  Many students are unaware of this situation since they select the lowest payment and do not realize the long term financial consequence of that decision.

How do I know my future salary if I am a freshmen and do not have a major yet?

The EFC PLUS In College Payer helps student plan for the future.  It is no different than the high school sophomore student planning for college.  They do not know what college they will be attending but need to take steps to maximize their opportunities for the future.  By inputting a projected salary and understanding your debt at graduation, the student will make better decisions while in college.  

Can I change the salary in the Personal Cash and Income Analysis if I am between two major choices and want to see the different options?

The system is extremely flexible.  You are able to change projected income, cash flow and graduation dates.  The primary focus of the system is to help students create a projection of financial future at graduation.