The In-College Payer software is for the students that are in college and trying to estimate their final cost.  This tool helps under graduate, graduate, associated and technical students.  Our solution offers the flexibility to help students and parents envision the financial outcome.  The colleges only provide financial information on a one-year basis.  Various studies have shown that if students have better loan information they can reduce their student debt, significantly.  The EFC PLUS In-College Payer creates that custom financial projection. 


In-College Payer features are listed below:


  • Organizes student’s federal loans and other financial borrowing of family in one place

  • Easy import of federal student loans through the NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System)

  • Custom projection of the total net cost of college

  • Simplifies the loan inventory process

  • Uses a target graduation date to identify cost and credits needed

  • Improves transfer students financial outcomes

  • Customized projection of loan repayment based on debt structure

  • Identifies funding shortfall by year based on the student’s financial award

  • Estimates future financial award and cash flow by year

  • Calculates all of the Federal Student Loan Repayment Methods

  • Displays both federal and private repayment options in one place

  • Consolidated view of incurred and projected debt to graduation

  • Personal Cash and Income Analysis at graduation