Make a Better College Financial Decision

Using EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer Software

Save the time and frustration of searching each college’s website looking for the cost and net price calculator.

EFC PLUS College Financial planning software simplifies this process by eliminating those steps.  Our process steps you through the financial aid process and generates a custom analysis based on your financial aid position, budget and the colleges being considered.  The EFC PLUS software allows you to enter your financial data one time and calculates all of the financial aid information by college.  This will save you time, money and minimize the stress.  You enter your data once and then just select the colleges.  All of the college financial information is in one place and easy to compare net cost.

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Your EFC is the sum of four calculations.  Understanding the details of each section is critical to creating a college funding strategy. The EFC PLUS tool simplifies the input process and helps families understand their financial aid position.

EFC PLUS includes a budget function so you can better understand each college’s affordability and financial outcome. An a easy input process that you only do once.  You can review 20 schools at one time.

Make a better decision by having a four customized financial aid projection by year by college.  Colleges only provide one year financial awards.

Our customized four-year cash flow adjust your financial aid positions and displays when additional funds will be needed by year.  A projection of graduation debt is also generated.

Easy College Comparison In One Place

The Financial Award Letter Summary recalculates the numbers then compares all of your awards side by side in a standard format.  This allow the family to make a better college value decision.


Detailed EFC Calculation

Financial Aid Positioning

 College List Building

Academic and Financial Aid Matrix

Four Year Financial Aid Estimate

Four Year Cash Flow

Reduces College Applications and Application Fees

College Decision

Award Letter Analysis

Side by Side Standard Comparison

Projection of Graduation Debt and Monthly Payment

The EFC PLUS college financial planning software allows families to input their financial information once and does all of the college financial aid calculations. It puts all the financial information in one place and simplifies the process for families.