The EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer software is for clients who have children not yet in college but are in need of strategies on how to pay for college and maximize their resources. Our custom analysis and easy to use approach helps families better understand the financial decisions they are ready to make.


Major Features of the EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer software:

  • Detailed Expected Family Contribution (EFC) both methods

  • Academic and Financial positioning by college using the EFC PLUS Enrollment Matrix

  • College Dashboard showing Cost of Attendance, Graduation Debt, Retention and Historical Financial Aid Packaging

  • College Financial Value comparison based on actual Financial Aid Awards

  • Custom cash flow analysis to better project graduation debt

  • Impact of financial aid with families with multiple children

  • Family Timeline to Retirement

  • Detail award letter analysis to improve college decision

  • Easy to understand graphics

  • Student Debt Analysis Option Comparison to graduation

  • Identify funding shortfall by year and college

  • Calculation of Monthly Student Loan Amount at graduation

  • Projection of Federal Student Loan Debt through Graduation

  • Customized interest rate input by student loan type

  • Consistent format to minimize confusion

  • Single input rather than searching each college website