The First Comprehensive College Funding Solution

The EFC PLUS software is an innovative approach to many of the questions that parents and students have regarding the entire financial aid and student loan repayment process.  Our software evolves with the student from college list building to student loan forgiveness.

Step One: EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer

The EFC PLUS College Cost Analyzer software is a new way to evaluate your college net cost and compare value in one place. It takes the mystery and stress out of the college funding and financial aid process. Our approach combines an easy to use calculator, video library, helpful webinars and informative blog. With this information, parents and students can make a better college financial decision.

The EFC Is Not ONE Number

A big myth is the EFC or Expected Family Contribution is one number. It is actually four separate calculations. To make the right positioning decisions you need to know all four quadrants of the calculation. EFC PLUS provides the information you need to create the best strategies.

Academic and Financial Positioning

Create a better college list by understanding your financial and academic position at each college. This is how the colleges make their admission and financial award decisions.  EFC PLUS planner software gives you the insights you need to build a better fit and value college list. The EFC PLUS approach saves you time, money and emotional stress. 
Easy College Comparisons in One Place

Side by Side Comparison

The EFC PLUS planner software tool helps families through the college decision process by finding the best college value. The tool does all the math, so you can focus on the other important decision factors. You input each of your award letters and EFC PLUS planner software regenerates customized financial information and financial outcomes. It then summarizes the information and sorts it by the most cost effective college value. Students will get a better idea of the four year cost of college and future loan debt.

Financial Outcome Planning

Having a customized budget generated during the list building phase and award letter comparisons is critical to a better decision. Our easy to read charts show you when additional resources will be needed for each college.  By having this information, the student and parent can find the best value. The EFC PLUS planner uses a four-year outcome focus.

Other EFC PLUS Advantages

FAFSA Answer Key

Engages the student without disclosing the parents personal information

Student loan options

Timely webinars during the various decision times

The Student Loan and Repayment Solution

The EFC PLUS In-College student loan software generates the financial projections needed to make better student loan decisions.  It helps student loan borrowers understand their financial future.

Step Two: EFC PLUS In-College Payer

Minimizing Your Student Loans By Seeing Repayment At Graduation

Make better college decisions by seeing the financial outcome of your college choices.  Our innovative approach generates your estimated financial aid and uses a customized cash flow analysis to determine your student loans at graduation.
  • Helps you avoid excessive student loans
  • Engages the student and parent in better loan decisions
  • Calculates all the loan repayment options based on the loan structure

Simplifies the Process with Six Easy Steps

The financial aid and student loan process is very complicated.  The EFC PLUS system provides the information you need to simplify the various decisions.  No other system helps you see the financial outcome before, during and after graduation. 
  • Helps you design your academic progress based on target graduation date
  • Easy import of current student loans from NSLDS website
  • Easy approach that steps you though financial aid, academic timeline, loan inventory, repayment options and the cost of living after graduation

Put Your Information in One Place

Many families will need to use various financing options to pay for college. Each year the student loan process requires a new set of loans.  Our system puts all of the loans in one place and helps you stay organized through graduation. By having this information, a family can see the projected loan repayment options.
  • Displays both incurred and projected debt to graduation
  • Calculates loan repayment options based on debt structure
  • Customized estimates based on financial awards and your cash flow 

Life After Graduation

Student debt has risen to $1.3 trillion and is second to only mortgage debt in the US.  It has become a crisis for many students and parents.  Our student loan calculator organizes the loan information, calculates all of the loan repayment options, and generates a personalized living expense analysis based on their income, and helps them start their financial future the best way, informed.
  • Calculates all 8 federal loan repayment options
  • Webinars help with added information resulting in better decisions
  • Identifies student loan forgiveness methods
  • Helps student avoid student loan default