College Saving Webinar

A common question parents get from relatives involves suggestions for gifts for our children. What do they want or need?   I don’t know if you are like me, but in the past I usually responded by suggesting a toy, clothing or gift certificate to a store.  Reflecting on this question now, after paying for college…

Student Loan Repayment Scams

Due to the recent student loan government proposals and new tax proposals, there has been an increase in Student Loan Debt Relief Companies.  These companies are calling individuals with incorrect information and program ending threats that are not true.  This is why we are giving the alert on possible student loan repayment scams. Both the…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! May you and your family be blessed on Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the year! I would also like to give thanks for all the support I have received during the EFC PLUS software launch!  

Enjoy Thanksgiving!